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REVELATION at the Lillian Theater in Hollywood CA, July-August 2013
"...they encounter a series of well-drawn and presented characters including sleazy boat owner Melvin (John Charles Meyer, all evil leer and flashing eyes)..."

"...the actors are the most fun, especially the goofier ones such as...John Charles Meyer as a creepy speed-boat operator..."

DOCTOR GLAMOUR (short film, 2012)
"By sheer coincidence I watched Doctor Glamour, starring John Charles Meyer, immediately after watching The Millennium Bug, starring John Charles Meyer...Meyer doesn't even appear until his co-leads are firmly established, yet he stamps his authority on the picture with every pelvic thrust and every facial expression. He's as different from the part he played in The Millennium Bug as could comfortably be imagined, but he's solid in both roles, suggesting that he's very much a talent to watch...Whatever else Doctor Glamour ends up as, it's an emphatic demonstration of screen charisma for Meyer. He doesn't need a demo reel; he can just hand out DVDs of this."
-Apocalypse Later

"...there is no way for any reasonable person to resist the charms of Doctor Glamour."
-Huffington Post

THE MILLENNIUM BUG (feature film, 2011)

"John Charles Meyer absolutely kills in his role..."
-Couch Cutter

"John Charles Meyer, in a crazed and disturbingly spunky convergence of American Gothic and Two Thousand Maniacs..."
-The Rogers Revue

"Each character in the film is superbly portrayed...Most impressive of all, however, was Billa, played by John Charles Meyer."
-Bloody Disgusting

"The whole gibbering backwoods psycho routine can be incredibly annoying in the hands of less qualified actors, but not here...
Kudos to lead baddie John Charles Meyer."
-Horror Yearbook

"Meyer [is] comfortable going to a dark place with his work; he's got a courage that will suit him well..."
-Horror Talk

"...the hunkiest of the hillbillies (played by a nasty, sexy John Charles Meyer)..."

"There were definite stand outs in the film, the first being John Charles Meyer...You focus on him whenever he is on screen."
-Igors Lab

SOUTHLAND (Episode #306: "Cop or Not," 2011)
"...scene stealing turn as the suicidal Billy Stearn..."

AFFLICTION (short film, 2011)
"A hell of a performance."
-Scott Geiter Reviews

KIDNAPPED BY CRAIGSLIST: THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT at the Elephant Lab Theatre in Hollywood CA, October-November 2010
"...a white-faced barker (exotic John Charles Meyer) sets the stage..."
-LA Times

ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT at the Little Fish Theatre in San Pedro CA, March 2010
(reprised with the same cast from one year earlier)

"...the wonderful John Charles Meyer as Jimmer..."
-Stage Scene LA

"Spectacular supporting performances included Meyer's Jimmer Negamanee from Menominee..."
-What The Butler Saw

2010 StageSceneLA Award Winner:

BOBRAUSCHENBERGAMERICA at [Inside] the Ford in Hollywood CA, January-February 2010
"Some of the scenes are brilliant. A late-show monologue about forgiveness (by a pizza delivery guy) is captivating."
-Talkin Broadway

"...until a pizza guy enters and delivers an entrancing monologue..."

TERMINUS AMERICANA at the Elephant Theatre in Hollywood CA, July-August 2009
"Meyer [has] notable turns in various roles."

"Meyer's outre executive [et al] stood out amid an accomplished pack."
-Los Angeles Times

ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT at the Little Fish Theatre in San Pedro CA, February-April 2009
"Meyer's portrayal of this oddball character is hilarious."
-Stage Happenings

"Meyer is brilliant"
-The Daily Breeze

THE BIG TIME (2008 web series)
"(Meyer) is particularly good...(and) has the best scene-stealers."

"The three main characters are a lot of fun, with my favorite being Dr. J."
-Viral Vengeance

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