The Uganda Project

So I went to Uganda. Specifically, Gulu Uganda.

Until recently, northern Uganda was the site of brutal massacres by the Lord's Resistance Army, a ragtag group of mostly conscripted child soldiers with no clear agenda, which has waged terror for more than two decades on wide swaths of Uganda, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since the LRA's retreat from the area in 2005, infrastructure and economy have started to reawaken, and children are now attending schools in safety. However, many families cannot afford to send their children to school. Half of Uganda's population lives below the international poverty line of $1.25/day.


The cost of sending a Ugandan child to school is only

I traveled to Uganda in August 2009 as a tourist, visiting a friend there and exploring east Africa. But I wanted to do something altruistic while there, and I learned how little it takes to give a child a year of school that he or she would not otherwise have. I hoped to raise $4,000 - enough to give 50 children in Gulu another year of primary education - through friends and family before leaving. We blew that goal away! I received $8,335 in donations from 120 friends by the time we closed the account in December 2010.

One hundred percent of your donations went towards putting a child in school. There was zero overhead cost.
The money we raised was NOT filtered through a government agency, NGO or charity.
It went directly to the schools via John G, an old friend from my days in Washington DC whom I trust implicitly.

Thanks so much to those of you who pitched in.

THE GOAL: $4,000 (50 KIDS)

John Charles Meyer$250California
Bill & Parlin Meyer $400Florida
Janet Hargrave $100Ohio
Jodi Carpenter $100California
Tony Luib $20New York
Miguel Penaloza $20DC
Tom Daly $200Maine
Music by Dave Felipe $265Charity concert in NYC
Josh Davies $100Colorado
Mark & Tracey Westfield $160Virginia
Michael Ross $25California
Boris Kostresevic $100Austria
Jay Smack $50Virginia
Chris Wieber $20California
Mark Friedman $100California
Tohid Naeem $10California
Allison Carter $20New York
XianStudio graphic design $20Maryland
Sarah Hudson $25California
Matt Herath $100Florida
Marlo Galey Peck $160Ohio
Dave Haft $80DC
Mikos Zavros $10California
Florian Klein $20California
Adriana Ysern $80DC
Maria Tomas $20California
Amy & Stephen Ebbitt $50Ohio
Martina Pšltl $40Austria
Roxanne Thomas $80DC
Stefan Held $20New York
Kat Parsons Music $10California
Mara Bralove $20DC
Noraly Hernandez $10California
Anonymous $80New York
Amartha & Ethan Merrill $100Maryland
Tom Keith $25Virginia
Jim Moseley & Jen Simonds $200Netherlands
John & Johanna Derlega $80DC
Carli & Hamilton Dixon $30Ohio
Wade Tolleson $150Ohio
Victoria Backer $25Virginia
Bo & Leah Johns $50Italy
Dave Wuest $20California
CB Spencer $40California
Brian McKenna $10Ohio
Doug Gier $20Colorado
Jon Rubin $25New York
Carolyn Hsu $100California
Jenny Bisping $150France
Judy Crighton $80Ohio
Dayna Heater $50DC
Bill Watterson $40California
Brett Carpenter $25Maryland
Anthony Muehlberger $250DC
Jerry & Cathy Muehlberger $500Texas
Sarah Voorheis $80Virginia
ASYLUM - DC's best bar $100DC
PJ Meyer $80Maryland
Gerry Porter $10California
Michael Perri $100California
Jon Parks $100DC
Harry Bainbridge & Tara Scanlon $100DC
Nicole Glazen Rikkinen $20Washington
Rachel & Skip Holmes $20DC
Steve La Jeunesse $80Virginia
Sorca McGrath $50Ireland
Marc Pfeuffer & Evelyn Thornton $80DC
Aurelie Shapiro $40DC
Bonnie Miluso $20California
John Seman $20Pennsylvania
Christopher Simpson $100DC
Ishrat Kundawala $25Texas
Bill Littman $50New York
Georgeann Kane $10Virginia
Jason Bittner $15Wisconsin
Bill Dunbar $20Japan
Eric Sohn $100Illinois
Mark Simone $20Ohio
Anna Collins King $20New York
Rendon & Katy Ramsey $50California
Derek Seabury $250Massachusetts
Marina Mouhibian $50California
Brian Kickham $100Massachusetts
Anna Mackler & Johnny Esser $20DC
Jenny Treadwell $50California
Krisha Bullock $80California
Tyler Davidson $25Ohio
Spencer Willis $20California
Graham Scott $20DC
Brian Karpiel $100North Carolina
Michael Morris $50California
Clementina Sonn $15California
Barry Blumenfeld & April Cantor $20New York
Trinity Muehlberger $25Texas
Andrew W. Jones $20California
Marjo-Riikka Makela $50California
Rachael Berkey $15DC
Meg O'Donnell Lynch $25Ohio
John Sloan $20California
Sandi Steinberg $15California
Thesy Surface $20California
Heidi Schultz $100DC
Gustavo De Ugarte Jr. $25California
Tanner Moon $50Florida
James Rooney $100California
Margaret Frost $40New York
Susan & Bob Shoff $50Ohio
Veronica Grigera $80Maryland
Sam & Kiffy Dvorchik $15VA
Kathy & Bill Tuta $50Michigan
Victor & Kata Springer $100California
Billy Sind $80California
Jenaro Batiz-Romero$30California
Jodi Rosner$100California
Sohini Chatterjee$80DC
Kristy Long$80DC
Karen Carpenter$100Maryland
Parks Place$100DC
Melissa McGlaughlin$100Maryland

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