Film Festival tour 2011

I played villainous hillbilly "Billa Crawford" in the CGI-free creature feature The Millennium Bug, for which I also served as an associate producer.
Here's the trailer:

The Millennium Bug traveled to 20+ festivals in six countries, winning more than a dozen awards.
I was fortunate enough to attend screenings in Nice France, Edmonton Canada, Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Indianapolis IN, and Los Angeles CA.
Along the way, I saw a lot of fascinating places and I met a lot of great people who are passionate about genre films.

Click here for photos of my journey.

I also gave a few interviews and Q&As (some of them in broken French).
Here's a sampling:

December 2011: L'Ecran Fantastique interview (en Francais)
November 2011: The Rogers Revue interview
September 2011: Cinesploitation interview
August 2011: Zombie Cat interview
August 2011: Igor's Lab interview

October 2011: DC101's "Elliot in the Morning" show interview

The Millennium Bug is available for download on iTunes or on DVD at the movie's web site: